Magic Piano

2.8.3 for Android

Convert your Android terminal into a piano




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Magic Piano is a musical game in which it is very simple to interpret some of the most famoust songs of history. From Lady Gaga or Evanescence to Chopin and Beethove, you have lots of bands at your disposal.

The gameplay of Magic Piano is very simple, because to play the songs all you have to do is to keep pressing the balls of light which come falling from the top of the screen. Of course, if you fail the song it will still sound good more or less, and you will notice only some adjustment.

When you complete songs, which you can classify and sort by different criteria, you will see the score you got in each of them from zero to three stars. This way you can keep a good record of which songs you do well and which you do not.

In addition to this sort of game, Magic Piano includes a free mode where we can simply get to play the piano at will.

Magic Piano is a very fun application by which you can get to play in a way identical to playing the piano to relax.
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